Caritas St. Paul


Bishop Paul Terrio

Committee Members:

Aaron Debusschere--Youth / Young Adult
Cynthia Martin--St. Paul
Donna Sobochan--Morinville
Germaine Prybysh--Bonnyville
Lise Katerynych--Mallaig
Louise Lavoie--Secretary
Marlon Biollo--Lac la Biche
Susan Schoenberger--Bonnyville

Caritas St. Paul is a recently established Diocesan group.

This group will be working directly with Bishop Paul Terrio in the diocesan work of charity and out-reach to those in need.

2021 special collection envelopes will include a St. Paul Diocesan Caritas donation envelope.

Donations received will be distributed as follows:

50% to the North
25% to Chalice
5% to the Church in Need, that is the Middle East and Ukraine