2021-2022 National-Diocesan Collections - St Paul Diocese Caritas.pdf

Special Collections

National Collections

2021 2022 Description

Catholic Missions in Canada Feb 14 Feb 13 "Catholic Missions in Canada seeks to
2nd Sunday of February sustain & extend the Catholic Faith in isolated
poor and hard-to-reach mission areas in
Canada; communities where diocesan
resources are insufficient to keep the Church
alive. It promotes national awareness on the
needs of our Canadian missions & raises
funds to sustain the work of evangelization."

Needs of the Church in the Holy Land April 2 April 15 "For pastoral, charitable, educational & social
Good Friday works which the Church supports in the Holy
Land for the welfare of their Christian brethren and of the local communities."

The Pope's Pastoral Works May 16 May 22 Catholics make a "financial offering to assist
6th Sunday of Easter Season the Holy Father: 1/3 = Peter's Pence: used by
the Pope for his charitable contributions to
those most in need. 2/3 of the collection is to
support the Holy Father in administrating the
Holy See and serving the Universal Church
(Canon 1271)."

Needs of the Church in Canada Sept 26 Sept 25 "The collection helps each diocese make its
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time annual contribution to the national
episcopal assembly. Any additional funds are
at the disposal of the diocese for its own
pastoral needs."

World Mission Sunday Oct 17 Oct 16 "Funds collected assist some 1,250 mission
dioceses under the responsibility of the
Congregation for the Evangelization of
Peoples. As agreed by the Holy See and the
Bishops of Canada, a portion of the
Canadian contributions assist 6 mission
diocese in Northern Canada."

Diocesan Collections

2021 2022 Description

Camp St. Louis Feb 28 March 13 To assist those who cannot afford the
2nd Sunday of Lent registration fees to attend camp. To assist
in the day-to-day operations of the camp. To
be used for capital improvements to the camp.

St. Paul Diocesan Caritas March 21 April 3 Funds collected will be distributed as follows:
5th Sunday of Lent
50% to the North: Help support missionaries ,
religious education programs and seminarian
formation & repairs and maintenance of
Churches & rectories

25% to Chalice

25% to the Church in Need: that is the
Middle East and the Ukraine.

Vocations / Good Shepherd Sunday April 25 May 8 Funds collected financially support the
4th Sunday of Easter formation of the seminarians for the
Collections for Seminarians diocese.

Youth Ministries / Camp St. Louis & Nov 14 Nov 13 Supports youth events such as Triumph in
Youth Camp for Fort McMurray / Cross, Theology on tap, WYD and Youth
Vocations Camps within the Diocese distributed at the
2nd Sunday of November Bishop's discretion.